Sometimes our kids have eaten everything or we are sick of cooking and want some “good for you” takeout that we can have on our schedule.  To help, Fresh City chefs have cooked up some amazing meal options that can be delivered to your door so you can feed your family something amazing without having to destroy your kitchen. All our meals are delivered refrigerated and are designed to last in your fridge for 3 days. Our menu items rotate weekly so you can try something new or pick an old favorite. Fresh City Meals also requires no level of commitment, order when you want/need a break from cooking!


Meals are generally priced at $20 for 2 servings and $50 for 5 servings. Portions are generous. Occasionally when we have a specialty item like lobster, we have to price our meals slightly higher.


Our meal delivery service delivers meals on Mondays and Thursdays. Orders can be placed up until midnight the night before our delivery days.

Our delivery window is between 4 and 8 pm. We don’t schedule a specific delivery time, but once delivery is routed customers will receive an email or text notification with the delivery ETA along with a link to track their delivery. We ask that if you’re not going to be home, you leave a cooler outside your home where we can place your order.


Select which meals you’re interested in on our website (hyperlink). Pick your serving size and add in any additional sides or special requests. If you have any issues you can always reach out to us at


Questions? Check out our FAQ page.