All of our recipes start with the freshest ingredients, prepared fresh daily. And because each meal is made-to-order, you can ask for yours exactly the way you’d like it. Low-fat? We can do that! No cheese? We aim to please!

Good question! We took famous ingredients from renowned food-destinations around the world, and created a unique, thoughtful combination of recipes for our menu. We’re always traveling, asking questions, and experimenting, in order to bring new options to our guests.

Start with fresh-cut vegetables.

Select your favorite sauce:

Choose all-natural meat, poultry, seafood, or go vegetarian.

Your Fresh City Stir Fry can be served over jasmine rice, heart-healthy brown rice, udon, or lo mein noodles.

Traditional burritos with authentic ingredients, including our fresh salsa. Served in a bowl or wrapped in a tortilla; choose flour, wheat, or low-carb. Customize your burrito with hot sauce, sour cream, or chunky guacamole.

All of the above with your choice of:

Fresh City Salads can be wrapped in a pita or tossed in a bowl.

Add herb roasted all-natural chicken, wild Alaskan salmon, turkey or tuna salad to any salad, even to our vegetarian selections.

Try our fat-free Power Dressing® on any Salad. Or, if you prefer, specify no dressing.

Fresh City sandwiches are made with freshly-baked breads. Sandwiches are served with fresh Grillo pickles. Choose to have your sandwich served on multigrain, ciabatta, dark honey wheat, sliced quinoa or gluten free bread.

Fresh City Signature Soups are served with fresh-baked bread.

Fresh City Smoothies are blended fresh-to-order. Combining fruits, juices and fat-free frozen yogurt or fruit sherbet, our smoothies make a refreshing treat or a delightful dessert.

All smoothies are available dairy-free.

Fat Fighter Boost

Antioxidant Boost

Energy Boost

Multi-vitamin Boost

Protein Boost

Hangover Blend

Freshly baked treats are best. Try ours for yourself. All of our desserts and treats are trans-fat free.

Comes with a drink and apple sauce.Choose to have your sandwich served on multigrain, ciabatta, dark honey wheat, sliced quinoa or gluten free bread.

  • Assorted Teas
  • Cappuccino
  • Cafe Latte / Black & White Latte
  • Cafe Mocha / White Mocha
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Chai Tea Latte
  • Chocolate and White Chocolate Cocoa
  • Organic Iced Tea

Espresso drinks and cocoa available at selected locations

  • Nantucket Nectars
  • Spring Water
  • Snapple Iced Tea and Lemonade
  • Spindrift
  • Bruce Cost Ginger Ale
  • Polar Sparkling Waters

Beer and wine available at selected locations.

  • Fountain beverages served in most Fresh City locations.
  • Bottled beverages served where fountain is not available.
  • Organic Milk available in most locations.